There aren’t many things that bring people together to bond over and and enjoy as a whole.

In our opinion, though, NHL playoff hockey and The Office are definitely two of those things.

Obviously, we had to combine those two things, because there’s not really such thing as too much of a good thing, right? There’s an Office gif for every feeling, and the postseason gives us all the feels, so, without further ado, here are 15 very memorable moments of the Stanley Cup Playoffs so far… as Office gifs.

1. When T.J. Oshie kicks the stick out of Justin Williams’ hand to score a nasty goal.




2. Nassau Coliseum at ALL TIMES.



3. The Lightning when Kucherov is suspended, Hedman is out, and they’re already down 2-0 in the series.



3. The Jets trying to hold it together after dropping the first two games at home.


5. The Lightning winning the President's Trophy thinking they were firing on all cylinders headed into the postseason.



6. Jake DeBrusk on Nazem Kadri/Marleau. Or Nazem Kadri on Jake Debrusk. Whatever your preferred narrative is, this is the gif.


7. The Penguins reacting to how hot the Islanders are right now.



8. Flames fans when MacKinnon goes end to end for a nasty overtime winner.


9. Sakic and Avalanche officials after signing Cale Makar.



10. Fans who are rattled at the officiating this postseason.



11. The Caps planning their Cup party round two.



12. Rod Brind'Amour absolutely going off on the refs after Ferland’s match penalty.



13. Mitch Marner needing his ice cream soup fix after the L the Leafs took in Game 2.



14. Literally everyone watching Logan Couture taking THAT SHOT to the groin.




15.  And finally, all the fans of teams who got bounced before the playoffs had even begun.