eSports are a hot topic among traditional sports fans, many feeling that there is not enough physical activity to be considered a “true” sport.

Well, many people define sports differently, including (Obviously) the people behind the most popular game in the world for several years including 2017. League of Legends released a video on their YouTube channel titled “Our Game” with the caption “Not just a sport. Our Sport”.

It compiles some of the most prominent people in the sports world bashing the idea of video games becoming a sport, then backing up their belief with another compilation of people praising the sport.



This video won’t end the discussion, but it may pull some people on the fence to one side or the other. It really all depends how you define a sport and what you feel is required to succeed in such an event. eSports clearly have elite competition, a massive following and the ability to generate revenue in multiple fields, but it doesn’t require the same athletic prowess that more traditional sports do.

While they don’t require you to be particularly athletic, it does require an immense amount of skill and hand-eye coordination, which many people consider key facets in things most people consider a sport.

Like we said, this debate will probably never end, but the eSports crowd really doesn’t need it to. They’re clearly doing just fine without the approval of many.

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Video Game Facts - June 2017, SuperData