Despite the lack of fans in the stands, the Olympics have been off to a booming start, thanks largely in part to some new events that were added to this year’s games. Skateboarding has already captured the world by storm, surfing is doing the same, and we can’t help but wonder…

What other new sports should be added to the games?

There are a fair amount that have been left out but three in particular come to mind for us. So without further ado, let’s take a look at them…



Spikeball has completely taken the world by storm and has quickly become one of the more popular sports in the world. Few have as wild highlights and rallies, and there’s no denying that a great deal of athleticism is involved if you want to become a solid player. SB was founded in 2007 but hey- who says a newer sport shouldn’t make the cut? This would be a great way to attract a younger audience to follow the Olympics, too. Let’s make it happen!



We all love seeing hockey at the Winter Olympics… but why not incorporate the version that doesn’t involve ice as well? And we’re not talking about field hockey here, people. Inline hockey is an exhilarating sport to watch and would fill a void for us Canadians that we all feel in the summer. Perhaps we could even take things a step forward and have some sort of all-star competition involved? This could be really, really cool.



As much as we’d love to see American football or lacrosse get the call, cricket just makes more sense. It’s a global sport that would allow various countries to compete for gold and hey, what a great chance it would be for us North Americans to learn more about it! MMA is another interesting one but there might be a bit too much blood involved for it to crack the Olympics. Cricket would be pretty cool!

So… what other sports would you like to see introduced?