The Colorado Avalanche are having a rough year.

For a team littered with high-skill players they have failed to surround those players with a supporting cast and seem to be sinking lower and lower. This year, they are on pace to have one of the worst seasons in history. The Avalanche are in pace for 56 regulation losses and 49 points. If they finish with that point total, they would have tied the 20th place team in the lockout shortened season (48 games played).

If that’s not enough to show you how poorly their season has gone, these four stats will be.

On pace for most regulation losses in 17 years (Thrashers had 57)

As TSN’s own Ray Ferraro can probably tell you, it’s never good to be associated with the expansion year Thrashers. They were not good.

On pace for 15 shutout losses

Technically, they’re on pace for 14.5 shutout losses, but both math and their performance has us taking the over on that one. That would be the most in 10 years, as the Colombus Blue Jackets had 16 shutouts against in the 2006-07 season.

The most ever was by the 1928-29 Chicago Blackhawks, who were shutout in 20 games, and they only played 44.

Four years’ worth of losses

During their 4 years dynasty (1975-1976 to 1978-1979), the Montreal Canadiens lost 46 games, the same amount as the 2016-2017 Colorado Avalanche from hockey

We have a feeling this guy is a Habs fan.

They’re officially out already

Hopefully this draft class isn’t as weak as people are saying.

Still, somehow, the Nordiques were worse at one point. In 1989-90, they lost 61 times in a single season. So, no, you haven’t hit rock bottom yet, Avs fans.