If one is ranking the greatest training montages in film history, the Rocky films inevitably come into the discussion multiple times. What might be the most impressive and entertaining of all is the montage when Rocky is moving big rocks around the mountains of Russia. Rocky training outdoors is cross-cut with Ivan Drago doing the most insane workout of all time in a training facility. What this montage taught us is that Russian's train harder than anyone on earth.

A montage style video of 8-year-old Russian kids going through training drills has recently been released that makes us completely believe Russian's train harder than anyone else. Rocky IV didn't lie to us.

Watch the insane training video below, which has the young players diving over and under obstacles, spinning around, and running back and forth behind the bench. 



Russia. 8-year olds. Hockey.

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 Add a puck into those drills, and we're even more impressed. Maybe a puck is added once the kids turn 9 or 10 years old...




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