Attention sports fans, the hockey season is over and the CFL season is less than two weeks away from beginning!



The 2017 @cfl season is quickly approaching! Who's your pick to win it all?

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The season opens on June 22nd when the Roughriders, who played their first game in their new stadium on Saturday, head to Montreal to battle the Alouettes.

With just over a week until the season kicks off, there's still plenty of time to sign up and play TSN CFL Fantasy for a chance to win some great prizes, but more importantly bragging rights.

Now, you've probably seen a few of these tweets about the brand new fantasy game since it launched, but maybe you decided to pass because you don't know a lot of players or you think it might be a little confusing to get the grasp of at first.

Well, for all those first-time players, we're here to help you not only get started, but dominate TSN CFL Fantasy.

Signing up is the first step, and it's easy, just click on the link and follow the steps!

Once you're signed up, it's team to choose your team, and it's a little different than standard season-long fantasy football.

While TSN CFL Fantasy does last the entire season, there is no draft and your team changes every week.

Consider yourself as a GM.  Every week, you have $40,000 in cap space to fill out your roster.  You can choose any player from any team, but there's a catch, not every player has the same salary.

Better players cost more, so stacking your team with superstars probably won't work because you won't have enough money to fill out the rest of your roster.

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That doesn't mean you should avoid high-priced players, but be mindful of their price tag and look for what we call "value players" or "sleepers", guys that will outperform their value.

For example, Duron Carter of the Roughriders has low price tag, but he's one of the most talented players in the CFL and he has the potential to finish as a top-five wideout each and every week.



History in motion.📽 @dc_chillin_8 with the very first #CFL touchdown to be scored at Mosaic Stadium!🍉 #RiderPride

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Plus, with the money you save on a player like Carter, you can go and add a more expensive running back or quarterback, so finding the best value at certain positions is very important.

Speaking of value, another factor in that equation is the way players get fantasy points, which happens to be very similar to regular fantasy football.

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Based on the scoring system above, you can see why it's also important to not ignore defences because they can make or break your team depending on how they perform.

Unlike standard fantasy football, once a week is over, your $40,000 dollar cap resets and you can pick any player you want once again, but value changes based on how teams and players performed in the previous week, so be aware of that, too.

At the end of the day, you've got $40,000 dollars to spend each and every week and you can spend it however you'd like, it's that simple, so don't be discouraged if your team doesn't do well one week because you're tied at the hip to your players.

Each week is a fresh start and a brand new experience, and the best way to get better is by watching as much CFL football as you can.

Knowledge is power and in this case, the more you know, the better.  Plus, speaking of knowledge, TSN's Fantasy Special on June 20th features the brightest football minds in the business who will help get your prepared for the Fantasy season.

Also, follow the CFL on Twitter for great fantasy insight and analysis before and during the regular season.

Lastly, if there any other questions you have that we didn't cover let us know or click on the "How To Play" tab.

Good luck and let us know how you do in TSN CFL Fantasy throughout the season.