Ah, yes! The fickle world of sports betting strikes again to keep all of us hopeful and earnest for just a little longer!

Buying a lottery ticket creates thought processes based on hopes and dreams, but hitting a long parlay is a different kind of fantasy. It’s a slow burn, as you watch results begin to stream in one after another, and with each successful leg you really feel like you’ve EARNED it.

Saying that, the sinking feeling of defeat when one measly leg misses is a dread we wish upon no one. Luckily for this Bet MGM bettor, they didn’t have to worry. Their $50 15-leg parlay hit perfectly and turned into over $1.1 million.



A millionaire overnight, how’s that for wild?!

What’s refreshing about this bet is the sheer range of it. While it is mostly focused on college outcomes, it also incorporates the NHL, the NFL, the NBA and… wait for it… a female golfer. The inclusion of Jin-Young Ko – who won the CME Group Tour Championship – is a total flex.



(H/T John Ewing)