Baseball is a game of moments. Each play typically last just a few seconds, but in that few seconds a LOT can happen.

A ball can sail over the outfield fence. A runner can stretch a double into a triple. An outfielder can show off their arm with a frozen rope to the plate. And, of course, errors can occur.

It was a few seconds of madness on Wednesday evening that ended up creating a visible outburst from Toronto Blue Jays starter Ross Stripling. A slow roller to 3rd base was looking like it was going to be a close play at 1st, so Jays’ 3rd baseman Joe Panik decided to bare hand it.

He got the ball, but his toss to 1st air-mailed, causing an outburst from Stripling.

Baseball is an emotional game, and following the game Stripling shared a message expressing regret for the incident, and whole-heartedly owned up to the mistake.

It doesn’t get much more genuine than that. For the most part, it seems like even Twitter has forgiven him.

(H/T Ben Verlander)