A notorious Las Vegas Hotel is doing everything it can to support for the city’s new hockey team.

Caeser’s Palace, one of Vegas’ hottest tourist spots, has decked its Julius Caeser statue with an array of Golden Knights hockey gear. The props include a massive stick and a flag with the franchise’s logo on it.

Caseser’s Palace is just one of numerous hotels to demonstrate support for the NHL’s newest team. Earlier in the year,  the New York New York Las Vegas Casino sent its guests a letter instructing them to attend the ‘Official Pre-Game Fan Feast Party’ ahead of the organization’s first home preseason game.

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They also stuck a massive Golden Knights jersey on the famous miniature Statue of Liberty.

Fans have flooded the street outside of Red Rock Casino to catch the action for both home, and away games. Judging by the turnout, it’s safe to say hockey is working out very nicely so far in the Sin City.

If the Golden Knights can squeak their way into the Stanley Cup Final, you can probably expect a few more hotels to show their support in similar ways for the team. They take on the Winnipeg Jets at home in Game 3 of the Western Conference Finals on Wednesday night.

(H/T Mick Akers)