If you’re fortunate enough to live a city that hosts a major sports team, you may just have the chance to run into one of your favorite professional athletes some time. It’s not a particularly common thing, you know, but it sure happens.

Now, if you live in, say, China? Sorry, but bumping into your Big Four sports fave just isn’t going to happen. Unless you’re this lucky fan.



When Derrick Rose goes all the way to China to say hi to a fan. (via @alainataughtyou)

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That reaction is incredible! Like, dude just runs up and hugs him! Rose has been in China for an Adidas promotional tour, so that he’s around is hardly likely to be a secret, but imagine the guy just showing up on your doorstep. Even if he lived in your city, that’d be nuts.

After injuries disrupted his MVP-level prime, maybe it’s been some time since fans have regarded Rose as the superstar he once was. Still, his fans in China remain loyal, and memorably last year, Rose was brought to tears by a rather remarkable video made by his fans from China.


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