As we inch closer to the start of the NHL season, we’re starting to see players debut some of the new gear they’ll be using this coming season.

Equipment junkies always look forward to this time of the off-season and it’s especially intriguing when he sees players switch teams, especially for goaltenders like Marc-Andre Fleury who debuted his new Vegas Golden Knights mask today at a CCM promotional photoshoot.

Fleury wasn’t the only one showing off his new cranium cage as Chicago Blackhawks’ Corey Crawford and Florida Panthers’ Roberto Luongo also rep CCM and showed off their new helmets.

Mike Smith, who’s also a member of the CCM team, debuted his new nifty looking Calgary Flames pads setup at a hockey camp in Watson Lake, Yukon.


Mike Smith Calgary setup. Photo credit to Andy Vong on GGSU #LTTG

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Smith has experimented with darker coloured pads in the past, highlighted by this beautiful Reewhen the Coyotes went back to their retro uniforms.

Flames tendy’s are no strangers to vibrant colour schemes on their gear. Last season, Brian Elliott dawned the bright red CCM Flex III’s before switching to a more conventional white coloured set-up.

Coincidentally, the now Philadelphia Flyer saw an uptick in his numbers when he ditched the red set.

Elliott’s new set-up with the Flyers have leaked. He’s sticking with the white-styled set with a splash of orange. Sorry Philly fans, it doesn’t look like he’ll be rocking the all orange set-up this coming season.

Jonas Hiller, who spent two seasons with the Flames, had some pretty colourful Koho pads during his time in Cowtown.

While we sit and wait for Smith’s Flames mask to leak, here’s a flashback to the Hollywood-inspired mask he wore at the All-Star game that featured Wile E Coyote, and Harley Quinn from Suicide Squad.

(H/T Greg Balloch of InGoal Magazine)