Whenever you see a social media post involving Kevin Durant, you can guarantee ¬there will be someone writing “snake” or posting the snake emoji in the comments or replies.

After leaving the Oklahoma City Thunder in the summer of 2016, skeptics were quick to call Durant a snake for joining the star-studded Golden State Warriors who had just won their second straight NBA title. 

On Tuesday, a massive diamondback snake that was spotted on Mangrove Bay Golf Course in St. Petersburg Florida was making the rounds of social media.


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What an absolute unit. Good like trying to execute your chip shot. 

Barstool Sports posted the video of the ginormous reptile, and guess who decided to comment on it with a self-deprecating manner. 

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Via Barstool Sports

"My bad, lemme get out your way," commented Durant.

He also tossed the video a like and even like one of the responses.

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Barstool Sports

Good on you, KD, for having some fun with it and embracing it this whole snake thing.

(h/t Instagram/Hulk_logan34)