We’ve seen some wild hockey fights in our time, but there were all kinds of twists and turns to this one.

After a player decks the opposing goalie at the start of this video — we don’t get to see the full wind-up, but it seems like he got absolutely rocked — that’s enough to ruffle some feathers, and the two teams begin to air some greivances, as hockey teams do.

The real stunner comes about 40 seconds in, as the referees are clearing the commotion and one seems to get tangled up with a player. There’s a bit of jostling, the referee clearly gives at least one rough shove, and then a few moments later, he lands what seems like a pretty clear sucker punch to the face of the player.

Not cool. The team’s trainer comes sprinting on the ice and absolutely lights up the referee in retaliation.

What a wild and ridiculous brawl! We’re not sure why that referee was being so forceful with the player, but everything just balloons in this one. How many hockey fights end with a trainer decking a lineman?

There must be something in the air recently, because we just saw two college hockey teams throw down... in a charity game.

h/t Twitter/hockeyfights