The end of the Boston Bruins’ intra-squad scrimmage was absolute mayhem. They’re just joking, of course, but you had the entire team getting into a sprawling line brawl on the ice. No mock goalie fight, unfortunately, but Tuukka Rask definitely held up his end of the bargain.

Watching Rask smash his stick into the crossbar until it breaks, and then flinging the pieces for good measure, is so satisfying. Everything else might be a joke, but the equipment damage is real!



Sometimes, goalies get heated 😭 @bardown . (🎥: Twitter/KuzyBeCackling)

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The Bruins have lost three straight games, so obviously, everything is going off the rails in the locker room.

Actually, with a significant lead over the rest of the Atlantic Division and still the second-best point total in the league to boot, the Bruins don’t really have much to worry about. So, why not have some fun and chuck some knuckles? Putting your teammate in a headlock is actually high-level team building.