Claude Giroux never really experienced a big city until he landed in Philadelphia.

Hailing from Hearst, Ontario, a town with a population of 5,070, you can bet that Giroux is the most popular person from the small town located in Northern Ontario.

The Philadelphia Flyers captain is so popular that a brand new Junior A hockey team dedicated their logo and team name to him.  

Known as the Heart Lumberjacks, the team has dedicated the entire logo to Giroux from the red beard and hair to the Claude Giroux Foundation logo on the lumberjack’s arm.

They didn’t just stop at the logo, though. The team went with the same colour scheme and jersey design as the Philadelphia Flyers.

The five trees in the background outline the shape of a crown, which is the team’s tribute to the Hearst Lumber Kings of the local minor hockey association and the teams Giroux played with as a kid.

According to The Timmins Press, Giroux donated a bunch of money to help the team get started, but never gave any input on the actual logo design, that was all the board’s doing. 

(H/T Broad Street Hockey)