The Humboldt Broncos have occupied much of Canada’s attention over the weekend after 15 lives were lost in a collision involving their team bus.

Many people across many borders have started to show their support for the team, with their Go Fund Me page (Raising money for the players and families affected) reached over $4.5 million on Sunday. Of course, it’s about more than just money, it’s about remembering the lives that these 15 people lived and honouring them in the best way people know how.

That has come in the form of storytelling, moments of silence, a vigil in the team’s home arena and much more. Last night another trend emerged in which hockey fans and families everywhere decided to leave hockey sticks outside to honour the team.

After Brian shared this image, there was another massive showing of support. People began sharing images of their own sticks left on their porch, at a rink or wherever they felt it best honoured the lives lost.