The Nashville Predators and their fan base have had a lot to cheer about this season, but after a controversial goalie interference call on Tuesday night they took to Twitter to share their displeasure for the NHL and the inconsistent officiating. 

While most fans took out their frustrations on social media, one Predators fan went one step further and took matters into her own hands and shipped a special package to the NHL head office on Wednesday. Since it came from a Preds fan, you can probably guess what was inside the package.

On top of shipping a catfish to the NHL head office with a special message inside the cooler, Briley Meeks included a hilarious caption to go along with the video.

Special delivery!!!!
Catfish from Little’s Fish Market - $7.25
International DeadFish AirMail - $134.50
Knowing Toronto is getting a package of dead fish tomorrow... PRICELESS!!!!!

You know you’ve had it when you’re willing to spend nearly $150 just on shipping to get your point across. Hopefully the NHL fixes this soon because it’s going to get even uglier come playoff time.

(H/T Facebook/beautybybrileyanne)