For many people, they woke up to some of the most shocking NBA news in recent years and it’s only getting more confusing.

The initial reports indicate that the deal would be sending DeMar DeRozan to San Antonio and in exchange the Raptors would receive Kawhi Leonard. DeMar DeRozan’s Instagram story seem to confirm that he would be involved in the deal, but one part of the deal seems to have confused people on every side of this story.

ESPN’s Chris Haynes reported that Kawhi Leonard has no desire to play in Toronto.

So, if this all comes out to be the truth in the end, it will mean that the Raptors traded an all-star player that dedicated himself to their city, literally saying “I am Toronto” multiple times for an MVP-candidate that has no interest in playing there. Talents like Kawhi don’t come around often, so it’s hard to argue with the talent, but talent doesn’t matter if the player won’t play.

Leonard only has one year left on his contract, so it’s possible that this tweet was meant to say that he has no interest in extending, but these insiders are pretty careful with their wording. If he wanted to say that Leonard had no interest in extending his contract, he would have said it.

Either way, with the terms like “Finalizing” out there as the only real news, nobody has any idea how to feel and doesn’t understand if this is real or not.