Bill Belichick is not really known for showing a whole lot of emotion during press conferences, so you would probably deem getting the Patriots head coach to laugh as something that's unthinkable. But, happened.

Sunday, on the opening night of Super Bowl LII in Minnesota, someone approached Belichick with a joke. While the reporter calmly explained that he was about to tell a joke, Belichick already had a smile on his face. A pretty good start. From there, the guy actually got Belichick to laugh out loud, and not in an "lol" way. Like an actual laugh out loud situation.




Apparently Belichick's kryptonite is purposefully lame dad jokes. That or he's decided to take a light approach to his 478th Super Bowl appearance. One thing Belichick probably wouldn't have laughed at was people's comments on his choice of headwear earlier in the day.

According to Twitter the only people who can wear trilbys are fictional mobsters and "grumpy boat captains."



We're all for a good meme or two, but it is worth pointing out that another legendary NFL head coach wore a fedora, too. Kind of would have been THEE comparison to make. 


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