As you may know, HOCKEY IS BACK, BABY!


We’re pumped up and ready for the 2021 season, but one TikTok group, in particular, might even be more hyped up than we are.


The Basement Gang.



Can’t wait for the Leafs to hit the Ice for the home opener tonight 😤

♬ Ice Ice Baby - Vanilla Ice


The jerseys, the Vanilla Ice, the coordinated dance. 


The vibes are immaculate. These guys are absolutely fired up and we love to see it.


The group has gained heavy internet traction due to their wholesome dance videos on TikTok that they record in their parent's basement (again, very wholesome!)


Boogie boys turned the basement into a @nathanieljames1 @ @nickk_mcdonald ##disco tech ##fyp ##spookychronicles

♬ Boogie Wonderland - Earth, Wind & Fire & The Emotions



I had to make sure I posted this on this exact day ##september21 @nathanieljames1 @nickk_mcdonald ##WorldPeace

♬ September - Earth, Wind & Fire


These guys have the exact spirit we need to see more of, MORE DANCING.


The second that fans can attend live sporting events again, we want to see these guys there and dancing their hearts out.