The Toronto Raptors are getting ready to go all in during the NBA playoffs. They have no choice, as it looks like they’re in now or never mode.

The massive fulcrum of that mindset is the fact that nobody knows whether or not star player Kawhi Leonard is planning on sticking around or skipping town to another team. The narrative has changed course and molded 1,000x throughout the season, and the answer is still unclear as media members continue to try to get any information possible out.

What about if it weren’t a media member though? What if it were, say, a teammate?

What if it were… Serge Ibaka?

Well, have we got a nice surprise for you. Following up a teaser clip that Serge Ibaka released as part of his “How Hungry Are You?” cooking show, we finally have the episode starring none other than Kawhi Leonard. In it, we finally get to see how Kawhi responds to Serge asking him the age old question – “Are you staying?”



Yeah, he didn’t really give us the answer whatsoever, but it’s still cool to see him interact with teammates in a social situation. It tears down the walls and shows the human side that you don’t often see in the quiet-by-nature star.

For the full episode, check out the video here!



(H/T YouTube/Serge Ibaka)