The debate in regards to who the best player in the NHL is a very interesting one.

The easy answer, of course, is Sidney Crosby, especially after seeing how he's followed up his Stanley Cup season.

Arguments can be made, though, for players like Connor McDavid, Jonathan Toews, Patrick Kane, and Alex Ovechkin.

The case against Ovi is his lack of success in the playoffs, but the guy is the best goal-scorer in the game and in the discussion for best of all-time.

He also has an awesome personality, which some fans love even more than his on-ice abilities.

With a personality like that, it's no surprise Ovi released his own emoji app called 'OviMoji,' and every hockey fan should download it.

Embedded Image
Embedded Image

The OviMoji of him in a bunny costume is probably one of the best ones, but really they're all awesome.

There's one emoji that's missing, though:


The world would be a better place with an Ovi and Kessel emoji, but for now, this is good enough.

(H/T: /r/hockey)