Hockey players are absolutely bonkers. One of the weirdest parts of every season is when a team gets eliminated from the playoffs and you hear about the injuries people played through.

The Sharks were the odds-on favourite for the old time hockey injury trophy of the year after Joe Thornton played on a torn ACL and MCL, but Steen is giving him a run for his money. We’ll start with the injury, as Alex Steen was reportedly playing with a broken foot since the first game of the playoffs.

Now, consider that he had been playing on a broken foot for at least part of 9 games, and then he decided to block a shot like this.

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Yes, that was the same foot that had been broken, because he commented on that as well. Apparently the foot wasn’t broken again and he instead suffered “further complicated damage” to his foot, which we can only assume means that the bones in his foot have turned to dust.

Blocking shots sucks. Block shots with the inside of your foot sucks a lot. Blocking shots with the inside of your broken foot that you have been playing on for 9 games is, well, not advisable.