Living in North America, sometimes it’s hard to imagine how big of stars some of the Russian hockey players are back home.

Alexander Ovechkin is likely the biggest star of them all and the wedding gift below is just more proof of that. In Canada or the United States, it would be hard to imagine a star big enough that would garner a personalized wedding gift from the President of the United States or Prime Minister of Canada for their wedding.

Most often the interaction between politicians and athletes comes when the championship team visits Parliament or the White House. Ovechkin on the other hand received a special tea set from the Russian President.

Here is a rough translation of the message:


“The President of the Russian Federation


The Kremlin, Moscow


Dear Anastasia and Alexander,


I heartily congratulate you on your wedding day. 


I wish the young family who have unified, of Alexander Ovechkin and Anastasia Shubskaya, prosperity, success and fulfillment of their plans. As many bright and happy days. Let your house be always filled with love and understanding. Health to you, successes and all the best.




Getting a personal gift from the president has to be a pretty humbling experience, even for a superstar like Ovechkin. Time to celebrate!

(H/T to Hockey Reddit)