If you ask someone in North America about North Korea, they’ll most likely to talk about all the crazy missile testing the country has been doing as of late. However, there’s more to the country than what gets reported in the news.

Alex Frecon is an American writer and he recently took a trip to North Korea. However, his trip had nothing to do with war or destruction, instead it was all about hockey.

Frecon took a trip to North Korea last month with the main focus of his trip being to build a relationship between USA and North Korea through hockey. During his time overseas, Frecon got a chance to play hockey with the North Korean men's national team in Pyongyang, North Korea, and they even allowed him to film most of it on his GoPro as long as he didn't expose their plays.

It’s really cool to see a different side of North Korea, one that North Americans are not used to seeing. It’s also awesome to see them all come together as one while they’re on the ice, proving just how great hockey truly is.

According to Frecon, he learned three things during his trip.

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You don’t think about hockey when you think about North Korea, but they’re clearly all for the wonderful game.

(H/T YouTube/Frecon AF)