Any Raps fan that believes the deal made over the summer involving superstars Kawhi Leonard and DeMar DeRozan was bad for Toronto likely had a bit of an “I told ya so” moment for all of about two seconds.

While single plays shouldn’t be defining as to whether or not trades worked out, the Kawhi trade nay-sayers were probably feeling pretty dignified in their stance after he missed what appeared to be a pretty wide open dunk. Unfortunately for them, the rebound came straight out to Danny Green, who did what Danny Green does and nailed a three pointer.



No, one play does not mean that the trade was a good or bad play, but it’s almost symbolic that Raps fans would be let down from an electrifying play only to be made up by one moments later, from the second piece in the deal at that!

Either way, people weren’t going to let Kawhi’s “crafty assist” go unnoticed.


Dunk flub, or coolest assist you’ve ever seen?