Getting hit by a puck in the face has to be a top-level fear. 


Truly, no one wants to have some rubber coming straight for their chiclets or any part of their face, so when this SHL photographer decided to sport the old-school goalie mask we don’t blame him! 


Peter Holgersson aka the man behind the mask, was noticed on a broadcasted game between the Linköping Hockey Club and the Malmö Redhawks and it’s safe to say the announcers were just as confused as us.


Translated via Reddit User CityofCold, the announcers stated something along the lines of:


“And there is Pelle Lindbergh's old mask. I have never in my life seen a photographer use a mask with the smallest possible openings... you can barely see a thing."


We won’t lie, our Swedish is slim to none but it’s pretty universal that this scene is just wacky.


Was he able to see through those holes? How was he able to look through the viewfinder? Did the photos turn out well?


There are just so many questions and we need answers.