This should probably come as no surprise, but professional athletes are fairly competitive people. Whether they're dominating in their respective fields or learning the ins and outs of how to destroy competitors in the latest sports gaming titles, athletes put in 110%.

This week we caught up with Sean Ramjagsingh, otherwise known as "Rammer," the producer you turn to when you have questions on EA Sports' NHL series that need immediate answering. Friday, we'll have our full sit down interview with Rammer, as well as our review of NHL 18. During our chat with Rammer, the topic of NHLers who play the EA Sports title was brought up, leading us to ask a question that has always been on our mind: Which pro player is the best at 'Chel?

Unsurprisingly Connor McDavid's not too shabby at the game. However, it seems pretty clear that a former Boston Bruin reigns supreme atop the mountain of top EA Sports NHL players.


[Daniel Zakrzewski]: From (McDavid) playing the game, what was something he enjoyed most about playing.


[Sean Ramjagsingh]: First I would say that he’s just really good at playing the game. Like really good.


[DZ]: Of the NHLers you’ve seen play over the years, where would he rank and who would you say is the best?


[SR]: He’s up there. Like he would hold his own in a tournament for sure. JVR is pretty good. Freddie is good as well (Frederik Anderson). Former player, Marc  Savard, is really, really good. He plays a lot of EA Sports Hockey League. He plays in LG (League Gaming), which is one of the best leagues out there, competitively.


[DZ]: I guess JT Brown must be pretty good, as he’s always playing on his stream.  


SR: For sure, definitely JT from watching all his streams. All the young kids growing up right now don’t really remember a time when there weren’t any hockey games around. So they just kind of grow up playing them, and are just super, super skilled at it. But yeah, Connor is really good. Right off the bat he picked up all the new moves, like instantly. So that was probably his favourite new feature.


Seeing Marc Savard's name pop up as the top pro player probably won't come as a huge surprise to anyone who follows the former 14-year NHL veteran on Twitter, as he consistently retweets anything pertaining to the game.

You know you're good at the game when they officially hang your jersey from the rafters at EA Sports' studio in Vancouver.