Unfortunately for every hockey player, there comes a time when the transition from organized hockey to beer league hockey has to be made.

The biggest difference between the two is easily the competitiveness, but that doesn't mean beer league hockey can't be competitive.

As long as the players playing want to win, beer league games can get very intense.

Take this game, for example.  Out of nowhere, a bench clearing brawl broke out and it was caught on the security camera from the arena, and just when you thought the brawl was over, another one began.


First of all, poor referees.  Beer league games are supposed to be the most relaxing for them, and there's no chance this one was that.

As for the players, there must have been some bad blood because there were multiple times the fight could have ended, but it just kept going and going.

Luckily for everyone watching and the officials, they didn't take it into the crowd as we saw in this Junior game in New Brunswick recently.

(H/T: Barstool Sports)