The Houston Astros are on the verge of history after becoming just the 2nd team ever to force a Game 7 after dropping 3-0 in a series. That’s the sort of feel-good story baseball fans can rally around, right?

Not exactly. The ‘Stros are still public enemy number one in the eyes of a lot of the baseball community after their infamous sign-stealing scandal surfaced at the beginning of the year. While the feat is certainly impressive, and really bolsters the villain narrative, it also made Atsro manager Dusty Baker’s cliché that much more entertaining.

“You gotta love this team” is something you can say about ALMOST any team after they accomplish such an improbable goal, but even Dusty was quick to catch himself with that one. If there is any team that may not feel much love for a while, it’s the Houston Astros.

The replies quickly confirmed that.

(H/T Chandler Rome)