One could equate the Washington Wizards to a train crash you can’t look away from. Despite being just 25 games into the 2018-19 season the Wiz have had to battle through an injured Dwight Howard, never ending talks about a diminishing locker room and a seemingly crumbling relationship between their two stars John Wall and Bradley Beal.


So with Wall sitting out Wednesday’s game in Atlanta for personal reasons, it was up to Beal to bear the brunt of producing a victory over the Hawks. But the Hawks have been the laughing stock of the league so far this season. At just 5-19 they currently sit thirteenth in the Eastern Conference, which also ties them for third worse record in the league.


While Hawks fans may not have had much to cheer for, it certainly did not stop them from trying to get in the head of Bradley Beal. While Beal was at the free throw line fans started chanting, “John Wall hates you.”



Bradley Beal is just the latest player to fall victim to the rambunctious Hawks fans. Just two days ago on Dec. 3, Kevin Durant was met with “Draymond hates you,” chants.


That instance was of course a nod to the recent rift between Durant and his teammate Draymond Green, who had a dispute over shot selection in an overtime loss against the Los Angeles Clippers.


Despite the hilarious display, it was the Wizards who had the last laugh. Beal went off for 36 points, 9 assists and 6 rebounds in a 131-117 victory over the Hawks.


H/T Reddit Basketball