The Leafs and their fans got some good news on Wednesday as Auston Matthews returned to practice and even if he doesn't play on Thursday against the Devils, it's nice to see practicing with his teammates again.

The 20-year-old is having an incredible season (19 points in 16 games) and we imagine he'll pick up right where he left off before this injury forced him to miss a few games.

While he was injured, though, aside from watching the Leafs play, Matthews also brushed up on his gaming skills, as per his longtime linemate Zach Hyman.

Although Hyman didn't say what video game Matthews was getting better at, we think it's safe to assume it was Call of Duty.

In the past, Matthews' Call of Duty skills have been talked about by his teammates and friends in the NHL.

If you were to ask Matthews who the worst Call of Duty player on the Leafs is, though, he would have a different answer.
If Matthews is getting at whatever game he was playing like Hyman says he is, at least it was time well spent, but we imagine most of Matthews' time was spent trying to do whatever he could to get back in the lineup.
(H/T: Mark Masters)