It seems like hockey players are getting younger and younger these days.

We continue to be impressed by the unbelievable moves of players that are a fraction of our age, and today, hockey got even younger.

Well, kind of.

Generally, you have to be old enough to put on a pair of skates before you can impress us at a hockey game, but these little tots put on quite the show at an AHL game in Michigan tonight.

Baby races seem to be the new trend sweeping the sports world to keep fans entertained between halves and periods. While we’ve mostly been seeing it at basketball games, tonight, we saw it a hockey game for the first time.



In one of the greatest sports comebacks of 2019 so far, the baby in the closest lane to the camera defies all odds and comes back to pull the W over the baby in the far lane, who seemed miles ahead out of the gate.

Now THATS sports.

As an aside, Baby CJ is still definitely the GOAT of baby races.



It’s all in the headband.

(H/T: Twitter/loesmittyjmj)