The Boston Celtics got off to an extremely hot start in Game 1 of the Eastern Conference Finals and it was looking like they were going to cruise by the Miami Heat into the NBA Finals.

However, the game is all about runs and the Heat did just that in the second quarter to get back in the game. The two sides went back and forth the rest of the night and they needed an extra quarter to decide a winner.

With he Heat up late in OT, Jayson Tatum drove hard to the rim in an attempt to tie the game with time expiring, but that’s when Bam Adebayo stepped up with a MASSIVE block!

Most people probably expected a basket or a foul, but not many people saw the block coming. But as soon as it happened, they were out of their seats.

Just a daily reminder from Bam Adebayo that he made the NBA’s All-Defence Second-Team this year. Oh yeah, and the Heat now lead 1-0.