It's Friday and unfortunately for hockey fans looking forward to the weekend, there aren't any games on tonight thanks to the All-Star break.

Don't worry, though, because we've got the perfect piece of hockey content to get you through the night, an NHL All-Star edition of the BarDown Mascot Power Rankings.  Usually we rank mascots from across the sports world, but in honour of All-Star weekend, we wanted to focus on hockey's best mascots for one week.

Now, before you respond to these rankings, here are a few things you should know about them before getting angry.  For starters, this isn't a ranking of the ten best mascots in the NHL.

These rankings are true to the normal BarDown Mascot Rankings in the sense that every mascot in the top ten did something this past week to earn a spot in the top ten.  

Plus, every mascot on this list will be at All-Star weekend and competing in the mascot's game.  With that in mind, enjoy this special hockey mascots only edition of the BarDown Mascot Rankings.

10. ThunderBug, Tampa Bay Lightning (Up 91 spots)

The All-Star game is in Tampa Bay this weekend, so taking that fact into account, ThunderBug deserves a spot simply for helping host the event.

9. Nordy, Minnesota Wild (Down 1 spot)

Get you an All-Star mascot who can be your best friend and tweets like a champions like Nordy.

8. Sabretooth, Buffalo Sabres (Up 29 spots)

Not only is Sabretooth an All-Star on the ice and at games, but he's also an All-Star in the community which is even more important.

7. Fin, Vancouver Canucks (Up 26 spots)

Social media has allowed mascots to interact with fans and other mascots, and leading up to All-Star weekend, there were few mascots funnier on social media in terms of mascot-to-mascot interaction than Fin.

6. Chance, Vegas Golden Knights (Down 4 spots)

Chance moved down a few spots in this week's edition of the power rankings, but with puns and a great personality, we're sure Chance will be back near the top in no time.

 5. Mick E. Moose, Winnipeg Jets (Up 55 spots)

You have to be really confident to make a bet like the one Mick E. Moose made, but it paid off and the Jets' mascot will be enjoying a nice dinner this weekend after enjoying a nice win earlier in the week.

 4. SJ Sharkie, San Jose Sharks (Up 19 spots)

Sharkie may have lost the bet, but there's another bet coming All-Star weekend and Sharkie hasn't been shy about reminding the world of that fact.

 3. Bailey, Los Angeles Kings (Up 10 spots)

No other mascot is more active on social media than Bailey and the Kings' mascot has finally entered the top ten after an incredible week on Twitter.  Here are some of the highlights: 

2. NJ Devil, New Jersey Devils (Up 30 spots)

NJ Devil hasn't been in the top ten in a little while, but New Jersey's mascot makes a triumphant return thanks to adorable dog pictures, not being afraid to call us out and one awesome Patrick Roy like chirp.

1. Gnash, Nashville Predators (Up 3 spots)


We've seen the tweets and heard the complaints.  Gnash has been waiting a long time for this, but the Predators' mascot finally has a place on top thanks to continued excellence at games and on social media.

The gold standard for hockey mascots this week is from Nashville.