The Warriors have been on an absolute tear lately and the good news just keeps on coming. The day after Kyle Lowry returned to the lineup, it was announced that Kevin Durant is likely to return to the Warriors lineup this weekend.

If you watched any of last night’s Raptors game, you’ll know that Lowry had an immediate impact on the Raptors’ performance, but it’s inconceivable that the Warriors could get much better. The Warriors have won 13 straight games, are on top of the Western Conference again and have surged to the top of most power rankings around the world wide web.

So, obviously this has Warriors fans and fans of seeing peak basketball talent excited. Who it doesn’t have excited is anyone rooting for a team in direct competition with Golden State.

Of course, those all seem like reasonable reactions. Some excited, some not excited, but then we can’t help but look back at this lightning-hot take from Skip Bayless.

While we disagree with Bayless’s assessment here, we have to assume he’s working from the assumption that with the way the Warriors are currently play, the only way to go is down.