Goalie mask extraordinaire David Gunnarsson is at it again, this time designing a new mask for Ben Bishop since being traded from the Tampa Bay Lightning to the Los Angeles Kings. Bishop's old mask was inspired by the movie 'Tron: Legacy,' and the goalie wanted to stick with the theme for his new mask. Of course, the colour blue doesn't go very well with the Kings' black and white colourway, so Gunnarsson had the task of creating a similar helmet in Kings' colours.

Bishop actually wore his old blue mask in his first few games with the Kings, before going with a more standard looking black, grey and white mask against the Vancouver Canucks, Nashville Predators and Washington Capitals. But don't be alarmed, a new 'Tron: Legacy' mask is here!



Ben Bishop's new helmet

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We can't wait to see Bishop back in his Tron style mask. It just didn't feel right without it...


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