It might not be the regular season and their opponent was a team from China, but Ben Simmons has drained his first-career NBA 3-pointer.

Sort of?

Maligned since he was drafted first overall in 2016 NBA Draft for his lack of long-range shooting ability, Simmonds finally drained a shot from beyond the arc.

And it was nothing but net. Pull up and drainage.

Basketball fans, will you remember where you were on October 8, 2019, when it sort've happened? That wasn't even close to the two-point range, either.

You have to go all the back way when Simmons was with the LSU Tigers when he drained his last three against College of Charleston, one of three career threes in the NCAA.

Through 160 career games and 22 playoff matches in the NBA, Simmons is 0-for-18 from behind the arc.

Check out Joel Embiid's reaction.

Like the Sixers, the NBA world was ecstatic.

Simmons spent a good chunk of his summer working on his jumper and three-point shot. While he'll have to prove himself in the NBA regular season against stronger competition, it's definitely a step in the right direction and a huge confidence builder.

If Simmons can become a better shooter, watch out, NBA Eastern Conference.

In an alternate universe, Steven Adams also drained a three in the Thunder and Mavs game.

History was truly made.