Never, under any circumstances, turn your back on your opponent in a critical moment of a game or you'll get absolutely embarrassed and go viral for all the wrong reasons.

Yes, we're talking about you Sindarius Thornwell.  Tuesday night, the Clippers guard was in for a critical possession late in a game against the 76ers and he turned his back on Ben Simmons on an inbound play.  If you can't already tell what's coming next, just watch:

We understand why Thornwell had his back to Simmons in that situation, so you have to give Simmons a ton of credit for making that heads-up play.

Thornwell was just trying to help deny the inbound and having his back turned to Simmons would allow him to help out a teammate in that situation if someone comes open.  Unfortunately for him, Simmons is incredibly crafty and he made him pay.

Simmons also attempted a jumper in the win against the Clippers and it didn't go as well as the off-the-back inbound, but it was still a noteworthy play from the game according to the internet.
(H/T: NBA)