Weather is the talk of the province of Ontario as an ice storm in the middle of April has taken everyone by surprise.

Schools have shut down, power has gone out and now it’s possible that a professional sports game could be postponed. That’s an irregular thing to hear in Toronto where only TFC and the Argos play somewhere without a roof – and they’re not the teams that might miss a game. The Toronto Blue Jays game against the Kansas City Royals.

That’s because ice is falling from the CN Tower and appears to have damaged the Rogers Centre.

Obviously, the CN Tower is massive so anything falling off of it is alarming, but this is just such a Canadian story. The weather is so volatile that even in April, nothing is safe from the icy cold.

There is no video of ice falling from the CN Tower, but you can see broken windows in buildings nearby, giant blocks of ice shattered on the ground and plenty of other damages. You can also see what appears to be the damage on the Rogers Centre.

Only in Canada.