Columbus Blue Jackets fans knew that Artemi Panarin wasn’t going to be a Blue Jacket following the 2018-19 season, so they had some time to prepare for the heartbreak over the offseason.

The 28-year-old agreed to a 7-year, $81.5 million deal with the New York Rangers and on Thursday night he made his first trip back to Columbus with his new team and he got a warmer reception than he probably expected.

The Blue Jackets put together a welcome back tribute video for Panarin, who spent the past two seasons with Columbus, and a majority of the fans in attendance welcomed him back with open arms and a standing ovation, but there were also fans who welcomed him back with boos.

Every fan is allowed to feel differently about a player leaving their team for another team, especially when they make it clear well in advance they don’t plan on sticking around after the season.

Oh, he also scored in his return.​