Everything is better with dogs, and that includes sporting events.

Back in July, the Trenton Thunder attempted to use a "Bat Dog" to aid in the retrieval of a batter's lumber once they were all done at the plate. While hilarious, the experiment was a bit of a flop -- an adorable one at that -- as the dog didn't retrieve the bat, he ran to the mound to play fetch with the pitcher. 



But where the Bat Dog failed, the Kick-Tee Dog has succeeded. For the past few seasons Boise State has used a dog to help collect the tee after every kickoff and on Thursday night, the Broncos' dog was back in fine form. 


Just like the players on the field, the Kick-Tee Dogs also have to hold Two-A-Days to ensure that when they go out to collect the tee, they actually return with the tee and nothing else. 

 The hardest working pup in sports.