The Carolina Hurricanes have surprised many people this season, but their season could end in a way that only one team has ended before, sweeping in the second round and getting swept in the third.

Just as it happened to the Islanders in the first vs. second round, the Hurricanes are on the verge of getting swept by the Bruins. Funny enough, the only other team to have done this since the NHL moved to seven games series in 1987 was those same Bruins. In 1992, they swept Montreal in the second round of the playoffs and then got swept by the Pittsburgh Penguins, who then went on to win the cup.

So, if Boston does end up sweeping Carolina, they will no longer be the only team to sweep in the second round and get swept in the third.

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1992 NHL Playoffs, Wikipedia

We’re sure that the current players on the Boston Bruins couldn’t care less about the loss in 1992, but for fans that had to go through that, it might feel nice to not be the only fan base to do so anymore. And Hurricanes fans, if Boston does end up winning Game 4, at least you know that some of their fans know exactly how you feel.

The other interesting history that could be made is the link we made earlier. Sweeps would be reversed from Round 1 to three with the Islanders sweeping the Penguins, the Hurricanes sweeping the Islanders and then the Bruins sweeping the Hurricanes. That would be the first time in NHL history that has happened.

Perhaps this would lead to the Bruins getting swept in the Stanley Cup Final? Seems unlikely CM Punk, but at least for everyone tired of seeing the city of Boston win, you know that they can’t win the grand slam this year because the Celtics lost.