Brad Marchand is already back in the headlines for some on-ice activity other putting up goals, because the Bruins had a rough last night and so did Lars Eller.

Near the end of the game, Marchand started throwing punchs while Eller still had his gloves on and he connected on some heavy punches. It ended up opening Eller up and blood was running down his head as he exited the ice.

Marchand went on to explain himself and basically said it was because, as many hockey players will tell you, he didn’t think Eller should be celebrating a goal at 7-0. Eller scored the Washington Capitals’ seventh and final goal of opening night and on his way to give his bench a fly-by he did a little celebration in front of the Bruins’ bench.

Marchand wasn't a fan of it and it appears he fought him to enforce the unwritten rule of not celebrating when winning by an embarassing amount.


We're not sure that the NHL will sympathize with that. The celebration wasn't even very big.