Brad Marchand has had quite the past 24 hours. After having one of the more embarrassing shootout attempts in recent memory, the internet let him have it. 


Marchand of course, didn’t sit back and take it. He’s one of the best agitators in the league for a reason. 

In response to all the haters, Marchand posted this photo of him hoisting the cup to his socials. 


The not so humble brag of course drew even more hate from people who continued to criticize his costly shootout blunder. That’s when the real savagery of Brad Marchand showed itself. 


Yikes, @BleedingTeal might want to remove himself from twitter for a couple days after this roast. 

The shootout attempt was terrible yes, but Marchand isn’t going to sit back and let those backseat athletes get away with chirps. 

Learn from this everybody, leave Brad Marchand alone on social media.