We love that athletes currently playing and legends of the game that have retired use social media because it allows fans to connect with their favourite players in a unique way.

Athletes also chirp each other from time to time and that's always entertaining.  The latest player, or should we say former player, to toss out a great chirp was Brad Richards after seeing this video.

As you can see, that young hockey player is Vincent Lecavalier's son Gabriel and he got to be the Thunder Kid skater ahead of Game 2 of the Eastern Conference Final.

Richards, who won a Cup with Lecavalier in Tampa, saw the video and used it as an opportunity to roast him.

Who knew Richards had some Michael Scott in him.


We're sure Lighting fans would have enjoyed that fun moment between the two legends a little more had they won Game 2, but they can still enjoy it now and hope to win Game 3 Tuesday night in Washington to get back in the series.

(H/T: Brad Richards)