We can't imagine all of the emotions parents endure every time their children face each other in sports.

Obviously they're excited above all else, but it's probably fair to assume it's a bit of a weird situation to be in because you're children will be doing everything they can to win the game, even if that means getting physical.

Luckily for Brady and Matthew Tkachuk's parents, they won't have to worry about their sons facing off too much as Brady was drafted by Ottawa, so he'll only face his older brother and the Flames twice every year and that's something Keith and Chantal are happy about.

Those are the two people that know Matthew and Brady best, so when they say they don't trust Matthew in that situation, we'll agree.

Regardless, we're excited to watch these two great young players play against each other in the NHL and their first meeting will be on February 24th in Ottawa.



Proudest moment of my life! Bragging rights brotha! National league! #4 #6 #19

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