Anyone that watched the Dodgers and Braves game Saturday night probably remembers an interesting conversation between Atlanta's television broadcast team of Chip Carey and Joe Simpson.

If you didn't watch the game, though, we've got you covered.  During the 5th inning, Simpson went on a rant about what the Dodgers players wore during batting practice ahead of the game and went as far as to say they "looked very unprofessional".


Simpson played for the Dodgers from 1975-1978 and absolutely scolded Chase Utley and company for wearing what they did during batting practice.
The rant didn't go unnoticed by the Dodgers, either.  Kiki Hernandez tweeted this out after the game:

Manager Dave Roberts also commented on what Simpson had to say, as per

“I take it personally when people question our professionalism,” said Roberts. “I’ll put the way we play the game and the way we prepare against anybody’s. I’ve got to hear the audio, but that sets me off a little bit.”

Based on the reactions on social media, not many people echoed Simpson's opinion on the subject:

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