The offseason for NHL players is a time for some fun, games and relaxation (along with preparation for the upcoming season, of course).

The 2017-18 season, though, is right around the corner now and both fans and players are extremely excited about that.



@ryannehaileyb knows. Philly bound tomorrow.

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What will get you even more excited for the upcoming season is watching two of the best players in the game battling in a fun carnival-style shooting competition.

Connor McDavid and Brent Burns are the players we're talking about, and they went head-to-head thanks to CCM to see who was the more accurate shooter.


The milk bottles were a bit of a struggle for Burnzie, but he got his revenge on the breaking plates and evened up the score.


Unfortunately for Burns, McDavid sent him swimming in the dunk tank to win the competition.


While it's always enjoyable seeing these two great players battle it out during games, it's equally entertaining seeing them do so in the offseason.

Once the season starts, though, it'll be all business as the Sharks look to avenge their first-round loss to the Oilers during the playoffs last season.

(H/T: CCM Hockey