A goalie bucket on a player? During a game?

In the NCAA?!?!?!?!

Sounds crazy, right? Well, it happened. Actually... maybe this wasn't even considered a goalie helmet back in the day? Chris Osgood and Dan Cloutier popularized these beauties back in the day but even before their time, Brett Hull and his University of Minnesota Duluth teammates were rocking them at the NCAA level.

Just look at these beauties...



Why did Brett Hull and his teammates wear goalie masks in college 😂😂

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That helmet + cage combo is straight GREASY.

So you might be thinking, "this was probably one game, relax." But no, no, no! There are photos of Hull and his teammates rocking the same helmet in white.


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Let's be mindful that Hull played for UMD from '84-86 and helmets just weren't as advanced at the time. But wow... goalie helmets in games are sweet.